LED Panel Light Packaging Box

Premium LED panel light packaging box for, offering durable protection and vibrant designs to enhance your product’s appeal.

Size             :  180x60x180 mm
Style            :  Tuck End
Paper           :  Greyback/Whiteback/SBS/3 Ply
GSM             :  300/350 gsm
Printing        :  Multicolour
Lamination  :  Gloss/Matte


Inkerr Packaging presents the ideal solution for your LED panel light packaging needs with our high-quality, custom-designed packaging boxes. Measuring 180x60x180 mm, these boxes are crafted in a convenient tuck end style for easy assembly and secure closure.

Our packaging boxes are available in a variety of paper materials including Greyback, Whiteback, SBS, and 3 Ply to suit different preferences and requirements. With a robust paper weight of 300 or 350 gsm, these boxes provide excellent durability and protection for your LED panel lights.

LED Panel Light Packaging Box

Featuring multicolour printing options, our boxes offer vibrant and eye-catching designs to enhance your product’s shelf appeal. Additionally, choose between gloss or matte lamination to give your packaging a premium finish and extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

Trust Inkerr Packaging to deliver top-notch packaging solutions that not only safeguard your products but also enhance your brand’s image.