5 Ways to Choose the Right LED Bulb Box Design

Creating an attractive piece of design for your LED product is always a hustle. Surely, there are packaging and designing services that can help you with lot of options but choosing between those options is also a difficult task. In this article we are going to look over some points that can help you if you are in LED business or starting one and looking to design LED Bulb Boxes for your business.

Always be specific about the size of your box:

You should always be clear about the size of box you are going for. Pick the size of the box according to your product. For an example the 0.5W bulb box requires a small box than a 12W bulb box. It’s a simple factor, whereas the slightest mistake of not giving attention to it can change the whole scenario.

Make sure your logo is true to your brand:

Choosing a logo for your business is another difficult task. A logo should represent the motto and perspective of a brand or business. A good logo should always be catchy and simple, giving a clear outlook to the brand.

The box colors:

Don’t pick distracting colors or mix too many of them. It is always advised to pick 2-4 colors and ensure the product description is visible. When it comes to colors for box designs or any kind of designs always remember “Less is More”.

Your idea of design should always be clear to the designer:

At the end of the day when it comes to making the design of the box it’s always about the designer. It depends on how well you describe your vision to the designer and how well he perceives it.

Choose the right service provider:

The most important point is choosing the right service provider for your business. A company which has an experience in the market of LED designs. It is a good idea to look for best prices but it is also important to give importance to the quality of the product in that price.



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